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The American Society for Nondestructive Testing developed the ACCP (ASNT Central Certification Program) for third party certification for NDT personnel in the United States as well as internationally. This certification program is considered to exceed the requirements of ISO 9712.

Certification is available for NDT Level II and NDT Level III personnel in:

ACCP Level II personnel must complete a “written instruction examination” in addition to the General, Specific and Practical examinations used in most other qualification examinations for certification.
ACCP Professional Level III certification requires a “procedure preparation examination” in addition to the Basic and Method Examinations required for an ASNT NDT Level III certification. Additionally, a GHOP (Generic Hands-On Practical) examination is a pre-requisite for ACCP Professional Level III certification.
Certification is transportable and valid for 5 years in all methods.
The USNRC has agreed to accept ACCP certifications without further qualification examinations for NDT personnel working at nuclear power plants.

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