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Outsource your nondestructive testing (NDT), radiation safety, and quality assurance needs and gain success through internationally recognized NDT Level III consulting services.

PQT Services Company offers “outside NDT Level III” services that include: personnel qualification services, procedure development and review, third party overview, witness and problem resolution.

NDT Level III Consulting

Personnel qualification services include documentation review, training and qualification examinations for all levels of qualification.

Documentation review is performed to assure education, training, experience and qualification examinations meet your code, specification and customer requirements.

Written general and specific examinations meeting your code, specification or customer requirements for each NDT method can be developed and administered in accordance with ASNT Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A, ANSI/ASNT CP-189 and/or NAS410.

Procedure development and review can be outsourced to relieve the burden of finding the dedicated time needed to accomplish such tasks. Industry experience combined with extensive involvement with ASNT and ASTM standards development ensures document(s) acceptable for use by your NDT personnel and to your customers.

Third-party overview, expert witness and problem resolution is a valuable resource to ensure expected results and reduce conflict. Outsourcing the overview or witnessing of quality activities is cost effective in assuring that specification requirements have been met. Third party services provides a qualified, objective evaluation for problem resolution that is usually acceptable to clients and reduces the potential conflicts of direct involvement with customers. Independent reviews are valuable to support critical decisions. Recommendations will identify significant opportunities for improvement. An extensive background with ASTM, ASNT and the nondestructive testing industry provides internationally recognized expertise. Expert witness consulting for nondestructive testing offers technical interpretations, opinions and research services.

Protection and Prevention

Radiation Safety

PQT Services Company is registered in South Carolina and is recognized as a radiation consultant by many states, including New York and Florida. Radiation safety services are available that include auditing, equipment inspections, support for licensing and personnel training.

Audits include records and field operations review.

Inspection services include quarterly and annual shielding surveys, proper functioning of equipment (interlocks, alarms, etc.), calibration and leak testing.

Licensing activities include preparation of Operating and Emergency Procedures, applications and amendments, and liaison function.

X-ray and gamma ray training is regularly scheduled in Greenville, SC and Marietta, GA. Initial and refresher training is also available in-house; proposals are provided upon request.

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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance services may be used for vendor qualification and compliance auditing.

Vendor qualification audits are conducted in accordance with codes, standards and customer requirements. Checklists are prepared according to ASTM E1359 — Standard Guide for Auditing and Evaluating Capabilities of Nondestructive Testing Agencies. Each audit report includes an executive summary, audit findings, major items of concern and recommendations for corrective action and vendor approval.

Compliance audits employ specification and procedure requirements to establish checklists for procedures followed by a process demonstration using actual products when available.

We provide exceptional NDT training services from our three locations — Greenville, SC; Jacksonville, FL; and our headquarters in Marietta, GA — to support students seeking to achieve, maintain, or advance their NDT certification. Reach out today to find out how we can help you!

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